8 reasons to welcome China’s Gmail block

Remember this? Good times

Luckily, you can still access MySpace

China’s blocking of third-party applications for Gmail puts the final nail in the coffin for accessing foreign email using the world’s largest email provider. Millions of users were furious. But here’s a list of positives:

1)   Perfect excuse to cut ties with foreign friends or relatives

2)   Up to 24 percent less notifications to join LinkedIn

3)   Feeds growing nostalgia for failed Qing Dynasty policies

4)   Excuse to check if old Yahoo account still exists

5)   China Post offers reliable, non-working alternative

6)   You’d be meaning to live like a hermit anyway

7)   Good a time as any to leave clothes on beach and try out new identity

8)   Baidu already has crappy rip-off in the pipeline

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