All-male Politburo offers beacon of hope for men’s rights in China


Feminism Correspondent

Buzzkiller Liu Yandong could have set men’s rights back by weeks, experts say

BEIJING (China Daily Show) – Beleaguered men’s rights groups have declared that yesterday’s election of an all-male Politburo Standing Committee was a step in the right direction, as far as they are concerned.

“Men have a very tough time of it in China. We have to go to work and – you know, shit like that,” explained Peng Mei, chairman of the Federation of Chinese Moutai Drinkers, adding, “My mistress doesn’t understand me.”

There had been fears among some that a woman – Liu Yandong, a leading female member of the Communist Party’s Central Committee – could make it onto the so-called ‘Standing Committee,’ the tiny coterie of elderly politicians who essentially rule China.

Liu’s selection might have threatened the country’s fragile men’s rights movement, analysts say.

Many see China as one of the last few countries left on Earth where men can get drunk on weekdays, visit a brothel with colleagues, and accept huge bribes without being judged.

“It was a close-run thing,” said Peng, referring to Liu’s  nomination. “Luckily, it didn’t happen in the end. Can you imagine? It would’ve completely wrecked everyone’s game… I don’t even want to think about it.”

Liu’s non-selection was greeted with silent relief by millions of middle-aged, married male officials who manage to juggle a job with two mistresses and an ulcer.

“It’s tough just slipping into the spare room every morning without my wife noticing,” said one official whose wide-ranging brief includes forced abortions and women’s rights.

“After yet another tough day at the office, I want to hit the bricks with my guy pals and don’t want to see another woman unless she’s in hosiery and singing ‘The Moon Speaks For My Heart.’ Am I right?”

Party cadres unswervingly agreed.

“Have you ever heard the expression ‘Men hold up the whole sky’? No? Well, write it down,” property developer and published poet Mung Fei ordered reporters. “You guys are going to be using it a lot over the next five years.”

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  • freakzoid

    hahaha so true… my gf totally salted my KTV game this week

  • Apparatchiki310

    We need rights for men in America bad.

    1 million people in the state of Florida are ex-offenders when these men get out they can not return to their wives or live with momma in the ghetto. That the last place a human can live at the botton is the ghetto. While foreigners from Mexico can speak no english we have Vets filling up jails because they simply can not afford to live in the ghettos when their small monthly government checks are sufficient enough to become renters.

    Child support is another big issue that is leading men to commit suicuide not only have I witnessed a suicide in front of police while on a lunch break in front of cops trying to stop a man from killing others I watched him blow out his brains days later I spoke with a neighbor that was going through a divorce he hung himself 1 hour after we spoke I heard the load thump beneath my room.

    70 % of African American women are single in America men are literally blasting out people brains out here to just pay the rent and have sex lives and politicians still cant figure out why America is number 2 in the world for having more registered child molesters per square miles than any where else

    Feminist attack Mens Rights

    U.S troops men that have fought for us are now gettting private dorms in state prison why ? Because they are considered less worthy of having access to housing due to their gender,race and inability to have KIDS !!! So we know have projects and low income building packed with many kids that are having kids. In all states in America theri are hardly any men that can rent in areas that cater to their income the statistics will not be released even through the Information Of America Act since a case of housing discrimination could be proven to show Desperate Treatment and Disparate Impact.

  • Chris Roberts

    In Hong Kong in 2010 special observances of International Men’s Day occurred on November 19, with the theme “Blessed Are The Men”. All men were invited to ride for free in the city’s Ngong Ping 360 Tung Chung cable cars for a round-trip on November 19. In the same year an article in China Daily on August 3 asked whether men in China needed their own special day, citing the fact that on International Women’s Day all women in China, who accounted for 45 percent of the workforce, get a mandatory half day off by their employer while men had no such day.

  • Yung Man Kum

    Counter-revolutionary !!!!!

  • Master Tito

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