Angry at French, Chinese mob burns Yugoslavian flag


Protest Correspondent

BEIJING  (China Daily Show) – Just two days after protesting outside Korean bakery Tous Les Jours, French-embittered Chinese mobs took to the streets and burned a Yugoslavian flag, “as punishment for their ignorance!” in the words of one protester.

Angry mobs gear up for the Olympics by burning some flags

“Just think of it,” said Tang Jingjing, “How much about Chinese history did they really know about it, yet we were experts of most of foreign language and culture? For example, French love romance and German love beer.”

“We will not tolerate Chinese actions against our Motherland,” an anonymous official of the Yugoslav government-in-exile said in a press release issued hours later. “Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia were, are and always will be part of Yugoslavia.”

Sarcastic chants of “Allo, allo” and “Salut” could be heard over dance mixes of the song Dragostea Din Tei, by Molodovan pop band, O-Zone.

“I used to love that song,” commented Tang Jingjing. “Those days were gone.”

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