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Welcome to the second edition of Baijiu Nights, China’s number-three monthly listings guide!



DJ Klit Twat Club, Beijing (Sat 11) CD Bar, Guangzhou (Sunday 5, all from 11pm)
Reykjavik nü-house legend won’t quit spinning deep, progressive trance until he’s paid. 80RMB

Ladies Night Tune Bar, Beijing (Wednesdays, till late)
Why waste good money on Rohypnol? Ladies get mix-drinks for free, while a guaranteed array of genuine douchebags gets to pay 30RMb apiece. Free

Faye Wong tribute night Singing Sisters KTV, Shanghai (Thursday 19, from 6pm)
A room, some sunflowers seeds, women and Chivas – all from just 5,000RMB per person. Prices may vary

The Beijing Players present… ‘Carry On, Nurse’ Polly Theatre (Weekdays, 8pm)
Critics said that a Chinese musical adaptation, set in a provincial AIDS ward, couldn’t – and shouldn’t – be done. This amateur expat production proves they were exactly right. 50-120RMB

Les Entrees, accompanied by Simply Tartan “Only M.E.” tour The Hutongster, Beijing (Tues 9, 8pm)
Les, who has battled back from a serious alcohol addiction he blames on M.E., famously supported The Krankies on the Stirling leg of their 1983 “Free Scotland” tour and is a previous recipient of the Sealink Ferries Most Dishevelled Live Act Award (1987). Tickets may seem pricey but, as Les himself quips, “I’m nae running a fooking charity. I’m promoting one – me. I mean – M.E.!” 250RMB

Li Hongmei: cat stroker

Staying In

Xinwen Lianbo (weeknights, 7pm)
Tune in for the habit. Stay for the lack of alternative.

The Li Hongmei Hour (Saturdays, 8-9pm)
The popular People’s Daily editor and writer (pictured, right) slowly reads out her weekly anti-US columns, while stroking a small white Persian cat.

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