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Welcome to the first edition of Baijiu Nights, China’s number-three monthly listings guide!



Open-mic night. Best case scenario: no one dies

Open-mic night Jimmy’s Place, Guangzhou (Wednesdays)
Got talent? Take to the stage. Talentless? Even better. Free

Dialogue: Live The Leprechaun, Beijing (Wed 11, 9pm)
Join Tian Wei, Yuan Rui and others in this unfriendly Irish sports pub, for a live version of CCTV’s popular Dialogue programme. Timed to coincide with the last 30 minutes of a crucial Gaelic Cup semi-final, this should make for bruising viewing. 10RMB

Les Entrees accompanied by Simply Tartan “Only M.E.” tour Mao Steakhouse, Beijing (Tues 16, 8pm)
One of Asia’s favourite Scottish crooners is back in town for an extended tour. Les, accompanied by soulful electro-pipers Simply Tartan, tours China constantly, to promote awareness of the debilitating illness M.E. (better known as Myalgic Encephalopathy). 250RMB

Five-kuai drinks night Shaved Bar, Beijing (Thursdays, from 19)
This perennial nightlife classic brings a regular mix of under-14s and English teachers. Bring a fake ID – both of you. Free

The Red Wanda Cinemas (All month, Mon-Sun, 1430/1715/2030/2310)
Film. A plane carrying a troop of PLA missionaries, led by Li An-Ni Son (Chow Yun-fat), crashes in the Xinjiang mountains, where they are quickly welcomed by a group of remote Wakhi wolf herders, who have yet to convert to Communism. 20-80RMB

DJ Klit Smog Club, Beijing (Fri 20) C-D Bar, Guangzhou (Sat 21, all from 11pm)
Reykjavik nü-house legend, and founder of Burst Eardrum Unit, DJ Klit – aka Lars Olaf – visits China for the second time in six weeks.

An audience with… Yang Rui The Polly Theatre, Beijing (Sat 28, 8-11pm) PLA Opera House, Shanghai (Sun, 29, 9-11pm)
The CCTV funnyman offers anecdotes, recollections and smug self-criticisms from his glittering career. Open bar. 40RMB


Li Hongmei: marbles

The Li Hongmei Hour (BTV, Saturdays, 8-9pm)
The popular People’s Daily editor and opinion-former (pictured) slowly reads out her outrageous weekly anti-US columns, while sitting snugly inside a small felt bag of marbles.

Late, late, late night with Chen Guangcheng (CNN, Sunday 15, 1am)
Early morning edition. The sunglass-toting chat show host chats to former President Jiang Zemin about his upcoming album and accidentally joins President Bill Clinton on a dinner date.

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