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Officials at the Ministry of Defensiveness meet the press

Officials at the Ministry of Defensiveness meet the press

BEIJING (China Daily Show) – China should not be blamed for something, officials today confirmed, cautioning other countries not to interfere in whatever the matter is.

Addressing another controversial issue in which China plays a completely innocent role, spokesman Lu Kang explained that Beijing’s actions have been entirely reasonable and proper.

“China is a kind, gentle, slow-moving, extemely large and powerful nation which only acts peacefully to defend its sovereign interests,” Kang told reporters. “And we will retaliate against anyone who says otherwise.”

Instead, Kang blamed foreign forces for their constant provocations and attempts to stir up trouble, furiously lashing out at those who attempt undermine “mutual trust.”

“Malicious claims were made by some parties,” Kang noted. “Since it is so huge and faultless, China obviously cannot be to blame. Any facts that state otherwise do not accord with the view.”

Kang’s remarks were immediately praised across Chinese media. A front-page editorial in People’s Daily observed that “China has been blameless since ancient times,” and would continue to “unswervingly follow the unaccountable path.”

Meanwhile, news agency Xinhua warned Western media and politicians not to “hype, falsify or politicize whatever the situation is,” while noting that a cabal of hostile international forces was “at all times conspiring to overthrow the Chinese people.” 

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