China determined to produce world’s most expensive film


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BEIJING (China Daily Show) – In an effort to rake in more international film profits, China today announced its intent to produce the most expensive film of all time.

The sure-fire blockbuster, to be directed by legendary Chinese director Zhang Yimou, will star “all of China’s most famous actors, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, you name it, ” an optimistic DMG spokesperson said Tuesday in a press conference, and will cost “exactly $1.3 billion dollars. ”

While a script has yet to be penned, migrant workers in Hebei province are already constructing the world’s largest 3D “CHIMAX ” movie screen, which spans the entire length of the Forbidden City. Premier ceremonies will take place simultaneously in Shanghai, Beijing and Hefei.

Zhang Yimou will use new technology to direct the film while in orbit aboard the rocket Shenzhen IV, using the world’s first, largest intergalactic megaphone.

“This can show our power and tech-knowledge to the world,” said lunar gaffer, Wai Xingren.

Sources close to the production have leaked the film’s working title will be The Monkey King.

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Chinese film god, Zhang Yimou, shows his enthusiasm for the project.


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  • China man

    China strong!!!

  • Erix

    As hilarious as this is, it’s really not that far off! Check out this story of a cinematic behemoth true to overblown Chinese form, currently in development for $100 mil:

    The question no one’s asking – Best Foreign Film Oscar? “Empires of the Deep” FTW!