China WikiLink let us see the honest hardworking politician: Official Report



Ministry of Truth Spokesperson

BEIJING (Official Report) — Fear of release of the classified document are now okay, because the detail only show the honest hardworking politician who always thought WHAT WILL CONFUCIUS SAY?

Whereas, the document had now been link to the public, had confirm the suspicion of we Chinese that our leaders had let the country to develop and flourish increasingly without the misconduct, it was nothing to worry about at all really.

As you know, WikiLink is part of the Western’s media: “full of lies.” In fact, the leader had been a rapist many times, and also lied several times. It is very clear.

Although, Ministry of Truth had determine by use of scientist that several of the WikiLink was, in fact, true, for examples: CIA, FBI, Dalai Lama, Falun Gong, and so on, ETC.,

These days, our Ministry of Truth had now collected almost all of the WikiLink document for the scientific analysis and determine the legitimate one and the Western one.

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Ministry of Truth had examined the Western rumors carefully


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