China’s macroeconomic policy in turmoil: Boy


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BEIJING (China Daily Show) – Citing an unforeseen increase in third-quarter Brazilian tobacco exports, a Chinese primary school student has called for “sweeping changes in China’s entire macroeconomic strategy.”

Liu Pingwei, 7, highest-ranked math student and Junior Communist League Oversight Subcommittee co-chairman at Beijing No. 11 Primary School, posted on his blog ( Monday that the small but sudden shift in the global economic balance could lead to mass unrest in the Chinese countryside, where struggling  farmers rely on government subsidies for survival.

According to Liu, the trickle-up devastation may be far-reaching and long-lasting.

In a strongly-worded directive sent to 300 top Party members, Liu urged Beijing to consider subsidies in “no less than 37 other economic sectors,” most crucially, “China long-neglected confectionary industry.”

“The dissatisfaction of so many of my countryside comrades,” explained Liu, “requires an immediate increase in candy subsidies for school children. Not only for countryside children, but for all young comrades, say, under the age of 10? This would no doubt engender governmental goodwill among the post-00s generation.

“Failing that, chocolate imports from Switzerland, Belgium and the UK – but not the US, thank you – could be a welcome stimulant for the luxury junior’s market.”

Liu, affectionately dubbed “Xiao Yushi” by his peers, reached international fame in September after his open letter to the Party, signed by five other Junior Communist League Members – known as “the September Six” – in which they jointly called for greater economic freedom, while shying away from any outright mention of candy reform.

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Liu Pingwei calculates the odds from his Beijing No. 11 Primary School workstation.


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