Chinese demolition expert can’t help but admire Typhoon Haiyan


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"Well, at least we get $100,000 from China," one optimistic survivor said

“Well, at least we get $100,000 from China,” one optimistic survivor said

BEIJING (China Daily Show) – The CEO of a demolition crew was forced to apologize yesterday, after admitting that he “had to take his hat off” to Typhoon Haiyan.

Property developer and human-rights abuser Quan Chaiguang took to Weibo after hearing reports that hundreds of thousands of Filipinos had seen their homes and lives destroyed by the devastating hurricane, which has left at least 100,000 dead.

“Nothing gets rid of poor people’s homes and wipes their lives off the map as quickly as #TyphoonHaiyan. Respect,” Quan later clarified.

After Quan was criticized by netizens for displaying a heartless and inhumane response to the loss of human life, he agreed to donate $10,000 in relief to the Philippines, adding, “Look, I’m not Jimmy Kimmel.”

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  • April.D

    i took this news seriously and went to googled Quan Chaiguang…Hehehehe

  • Lee Tzu-lung

    Quan Chaiguang ????? i.e. “tear down all” (of them).