Dashan denied visa, stops smiling


OTTAWA (News services) — Following recent visa policy modifications, Mark Roswell, popularly known in China as celebrity ‘crosstalk’ performer Dashan, was denied an F visa extension Thursday, prompting a furious YouTube response in which the Canadian citizen told Beijing to “cut the shit already.”

Broadcasting on his YouTube channel from Ottawa, Roswell scripted a segment similar to his unpopular language-learning program on CCTV-9.  “Welcome to today’s show,” brooded Roswell. “I’m your host, Canadian Mark Roswell, otherwise known as Mark Roswell, from Canada. Today we’re talking about attitude problems.”

His face shrouded in moody lighting, Roswell then slammed the unfairness of the sudden changes in China’s visa policies which have, for decades, allowed foreigners – otherwise unloved and unwanted back home – to live in China as perpetual vacationers without the need for real jobs. “They’ve taken that away from me,” Roswell told China Daily Show via QQ.

Roswell sprang to fame in 1988 after his performance as Dashan in the skit, ‘Ye Gui,’ was seen by 550 million viewers. The Chinese people immediately fell in love with his big eyes, sexy hair, expressive facial features and aura of cleverness. Dashan’s smile was used to sell everything from toothpaste to mechanical parts but now Roswell says he’s turning off the charm till his residence permit is renewed.

“It’s China’s visa policy or my smile,” Roswell vowed. “One of us has to go”

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This is what Dashan looks like when he's not smiling


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  • Wiser2001

    This has to be a joke.
    A) his name is misspelled, it should read Mark Rowswell (two W’s)
    B) the third paragraph about living as a perpetual vacationer
    C) his ‘sexy hair’???

  • Dashan


    of course it’s a joke… i’m still here ;)

  • Dashan

    no its true iam not allowed in china at all :)

  • Nice site.
    Thanks, webmaster.

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  • Dude


  • Canuck

    As a Canadian in China, Mark Rowswell makes me shudder…every time I see him on TV, I just want to strangle him and dump his lifeless body in a river…what a pathetic loser…he’s lucky that the Chinese are just as retarded as he is, otherwise he wouldn’t be anything here…

  • Art Vandelay

    As the journalist who broke this story, I have to admit: I kind of like Dashan. :) Too bad for him, though. Too, too bad.

  • Tao

    This is the greatest thing ever. How do I get involved?

  • CSC

    Haha I wish!

  • Anonymous

    Fooled these guys


    though apparently this story’s been recycled with a new byline and still managed to misspell the guy’s name again.

    • Beef_zeppellin

      They always spell it wrong. Think it’s deliberate. You got that, right?

  • I have to say it again: I really admire the humour on display here. It is subtle and funny. Am I the only one who really appreciates this stuff? If I ever figure out how to write amusing copy, I will submit it here and hope for publication.

  • Laowai121

    I see, somebody envies him so much hahahah

  • laowai

    yeah, the writer cant even leave their name, someones abit jealous of dashan 

  • Xiaoshan

    China is done with their White Monkey

  • Panadabear

    Whatever happened to the editor of this website to make him so cynical about China? Sad…