Blue gaseous mass looms over Beijing


Environment Correspondent

Tiananmen Square: eerily blue

Tiananmen Square: eerily blue

BEIJING (China Daily Show) – As China begins its annual National People’s Congress today, all eyes were on the arrival of a mysterious new gas in the sky.

“It seems to be blue,” commented one baffled observer.

The mass of blue-light molecules, scattered through a short visible spectrum, has spread alarm and curiosity. In Tiananmen Square, police quickly cleared onlookers and media, suspecting foreign forces.

But others greeted the unusual color.

“It’s an omen,” said one bystander. “I think it means lunchtime.”

Another said she had recently read about the phenomenon in an ancient Chinese cosmic text.

“The skies will rain fire, and next the sea will boil,” explained Zhu Ling, 24. “Then he won’t call you for a few days – it’s all in Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.”

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