Foreign readers keen to comprehensively study new Xi Jinping book: Report


The book’s cover has been hailed by designers as “pre-revolutionary”

Propaganda Correspondent

BEIJING (China Daily Show) – Overseas readers are lining up in cities across the world to purchase copies of a new book of anecdotes by Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to an authoritative report, issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT).

“My friends attach great importance to comprehensively analyzing each chapter, organizing weekly study sessions, and inviting Chinese embassy experts above deputy-director level to our book groups,” said Helen Blumfunkle, 34, an American holding a copy of Xi Jinping Wit and Vision: Selected Quotations and Commentary published by the Foreign Languages Press division of the People’s Publishing House.

“The book includes over 100 anecdotes taken from Xi’s speeches and articles, as selected by the People’s Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China,” said Mahmoud, a foreigner.

Japanese, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese copyright output protocols have been authorized, and the book has caught the public’s attention. A British reader called Steve Sarky told a Xinhua reporter that he was “moist excited to read the book. Do quote me on that.”

Managers at bookshops across London, New York and Paris are deeply affected by the book, which outlines the political ideas of China’s top leader, along with interpretations of his anecdotes, according to many reports. “Yes, we have the copies,” sighed Peter Gao, manager of the SAPPRFT bookstore in Flushing, Queens. “Lots of copies are available.”


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