Four-year-old Chinese patriot won’t be eating sushi this week


Sovereignty Correspondent

Aggrieved at Japan’s clear flouting of international maritime law, four-year-old Li locked himself in his bedroom yesterday and wept

SHENZHEN (China Daily Show) – The parents of plucky toddler Li Beibei say he’ll be showing his patriotism the only way he knows how this week: by refusing to eat raw fish.

As demonstrations against the Japanese nationalization of the Diaoyu Islands spread across China, young Li spent much of his weekend angrily playing Playstation 3.

Incensed by what he sees as Japan’s violation of China’s sovereignty, the plucky four year old began his sushi boycott on Sunday.

“Please, Daddy, I don’t like that stuff,” Li protested, his heart burning for the motherland and nose wrinkling at a plate of uncooked seabass, wasabi and raw, dripping mackerel, wielded by his 46-year-old father.

Little Li’s distaste for Japan’s national cuisine demonstrates an unflinching support of the motherland, his parents claim.

“Look how much he cares about ancient sovereign territory,” beamed proud mother Mrs Zang, watching her four-year-old son begin to wail and cry as his father thrust a live, wriggling squid – dripping with soy sauce – into Li’s mouth. “That’ll show the dogs.”

“The boy’s hatred of sushi will certainly foment and harden into a rational loathing of the Japanese nation,” grunted Mr Li, as he later dangled a glistening slice of sashimi in front of his terrified son. “Just give it a few more hours.”

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