Freud analyzes the Chinese Dream


Congratulations, China. It is good that you are having these dreams now.

Ja, the T-shirt has a double entendre.

Ja, the T-shirt has a double entendre

This is small step forward: It means you are slowly getting your memory back. I encourage this. It is just as we discussed last week – though, you must understand, this therapy will take many, many, many years.

But tell me about this dream of yours you are having: You say you long for national rejuvenation, prosperity, a better society and military strengthening. Your mother was a hegemonist. Did she ever touch your military rejuvenation when you were but a small boy?

This is fine. All perfectly normal. All my favorite patients have this condition. Russia has this thing, for example. Many times. Let me guess: you suffer many tragic losses when you were young – and you still blame the others, yes?

I see you are also very much interested in this new lady: Peng Liyuan? You like her. This is totally socially acceptable.

Her handbags. Tell me this: do they remind you of Mutte? This, too, it is quite normal, especially in your rural hinterlands.

And what about the rest of your dream? You say it always ends the same way. “You are wandering through a giant, cavernous hall, under one-party Socialist rule.”

Tell me: did your mother have a giant, cavernous hall?

Dr Sigmund Freud analyzes the China Dream in the China Young Man’s Daily every month in his column ‘Respected German Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner Answers Acceptable Questions From Certain Readers.’

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  • Lanzhou

    There is almost no culture of psychotherapy in China. Fertile ground…

    • Chinese Netizen

      Ah but this is where you’re mistaken…every time the gong an catches a criminal, killer of school children or molesterer, they immediately proclaim that the suspect has mental problems!