Gold-plated chariot was a bargain, claims Chinese shopper


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The chariot may prove useful if Xiao ever decides to shoot a movie set in Rome

(SHANGHAI) China Daily Show – A compulsive shopper has defended her decision to purchase a limited-edition Louis Vuitton gold-plated chariot, saying the product was discounted and was a must-have objet d’art.

“It was marked down slightly from 400,000 yuan,” said the 29-year-old office worker, who calls herself Xiao Xiao. “So I tell my parents if they ask, I have saved a few thousand kuai.”

But friends have gently suggested that the six-ton ancient Roman vehicle may be an extravagant purchase of dubious value for someone whose credit rating is already dangerously low, and who suffers from an obvious emotional vulnerability she fruitlessly attempts to assuage with the ceaseless acquisition of material goods.

“It’ll be a lot more convenient for me to get to work,” Xiao argued, pointing to the chariot’s array of glistening, eight-carat scythes. “And when I get a rich boyfriend, he can stand where the archer goes.”

The chariot currently remains in the centre of Xiao’s living quarters, as she is nervous it will become a target for thieves or bailiffs.

“I dare not leave my apartment,” she admits, saying that her boss thinks she is on maternity leave.

Xiaoxiao, who concedes that she is already deeply over-leveraged with her credit-card company, added that she wasn’t worried financially because “work is sure to give me a raise next year. And if not, I’ll just find a better job!

“Everything is going to be fine,” whispers Xiao, who hasn’t read a newspaper in several months.

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