CCP ‘Playa haters’ turf war breaks out


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Bing Chaxue is believed to have wrested control of the O.G. faction away from Cao Nima during a drunken argument at the 2010 Playaz Ball

BEIJING (China Daily Show) – A political turf war has resurfaced after an obscure Shanghai lawmaker promoted “Ice-T Thought” at this year’s Two Sessions legislative body.

Bing Chaxue, a National People’s Congress (NPC) delegate from Shanghai’s notorious Fubai District, left the rubber-stamp legislature in uproar after  comments denouncing grass-roots hostility against corruption.

“Muthafuckas bes’ step up and quit their bitchin’ ’bout corrupt officials,” Bing told shocked delegates. “Corruption lead to extreme forms of protest, like petitions and rude-ass blog posts. Certain bo-janglin’ members of society bes’ not hate the Playa… but by all means we should  re-examine the Game.”

Bing, best known for a notorious “Home of the Bodybag” homelessness reduction program, was last year criticized for his role in brokering a Hong Kong tycoon’s takeover of 12 Shanghai orphanages.

But despite his relative obscurity outside the city, Bing is a pivotal mover in the so-called Shanghai Playaz, a militant O.G. faction of the CCP that dates back to President Jiang Zemin’s tenure.

The Playaz follow an ideology known as Ice-T Thought on a platform of “Four Reprazents,” inspired by American actor, gangsta rapper and all-round P.I.M.P. Ice-T, whose body of political philosophy (his songs include “Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous,” “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy,” “Grand Larceny” and “Forced To Do Dirt”) appear to speak volumes about Shanghai’s political elite.

“By 2006, Ice-T Thought with ‘Chinese characteristics’ was the dominant ideology in Shanghai, epitomized by the drive-by slaying of [Vice-Minister of Transport] Ma Xiaobei,” said Professor Yao Qiang, a Renmin University legal expert and NPC delegate.

Bing’s comments have enraged members of the Shanghai Fifth Plenary Committee, known in Pudong as the Wu-Tang, who still blame the Playaz for Ma’s unsolved murder.

“Mr. Bing pretends to grasp the principles of Law and Order but overall should be denounced as a little bitch,” Hu Jingfan, a hard-line Wu-Tang figure, and fierce opponent of the Playaz, told China Daily Show.

Bing dismissed the criticisms. “The country is ready for straight-balling political reform along socialist lines,” he said. “Feel me now?”

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