Jackie Chan breaks promise to wife that he’ll shut the fuck up for the next five minutes


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Jackie Chan considers not saying something, then decides to go ahead anyway

HONG KONG (China Daily Show) – An impassioned promise to his wife that he will “just keep [my] fucking mouth shut for the next five minutes, OK?” was broken by Hollywood actor Jackie Chan, mere moments after leaving his lips.

The promise was made following a series of much-publicized interview gaffes, including a recent chat on Qiang Qiang, a Hong Kong talk show, in which the subject of Chan’s notorious nationalism came up.

The once-loved chop-sockey star then proceeded to embarrass himself with a series of eye-wincing statements, including his observation that “America has the most corruption in the world!”

Following the interviews, and a slew of off-air domestic diatribes about everything from the state of Hong Kong cinema to his children’s Western influences, Chan’s wife issued the profanity-strewn ultimatum.

However, as he was watching an interview between Oprah Winfrey and disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong just 45 seconds later, Chan leapt from his La-Z-Boy and hurled Cantonese insults at the screen, imploring long-suffering spouse Joan Lin to “Look, see, how corrupt US is in the sports… and then the Olympics in China…”

Reports indicated that Chan’s spluttered diatribe came to a faltering halt almost as soon as he made eye contact with Lin.

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  • Concerned British-Chinese

    What kind of journalism is this?
    How on Earth is this an article that someone deemed fit to release on the internet?
    Actually, come to think of it, this whole website is hate-mongering. Just looking at the headlines is nauseous.

    • concerned hong kong “voter”

      Clearly, something must be done to combat this shit. Suggest launching a massive state-owned media conglomerate to push forward a pro-Beijing message…. maybe call it “china daily”? u can use it to clean up your vomit