James Chau sex tape surfaces


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Chau is said to often boast of his prowess in private, friends claim

BEIJING (China Daily Show) – No sooner has Edison Chen announced his return to  singing than the Chinese entertainment industry is set to be rocked by another sex scandal, this time involving CCTV milquetoast James Chau.

Chau is best known as the presenter of CCTV News and Worldwide Watch, both shows recently implicated in a scandal involving a Minnesotan family forced to watch CCTV-9 during a purported ten-hour ordeal.

Chau’s woes were set to increase last night though, after a lengthy sex tape, featuring the host with three unidentified females, began doing the rounds on the Internet.

Lovingly deemed “the sixth fuwa” by admiring Chinese mainlanders, Chau’s unimpressive and effeminate physical features have long convinced an adoring public that the star is, at best, an non-threatening beta male. Viewers of the tape — which China Daily Show has seen excerpts of — report an entirely different impression, however.

During the four-and-a-half hour footage, Chau is seen effortlessly maneuvering between stand-up-69 and “downward-facing-dog”, and performs a number of other positions with practiced aplomb, including advanced techniques such as the “Horizontal Mambo” and the “Rifleman.”

“Holy crap, you have got to be kidding!” was the reaction of “Captain Tofu,” one of many netizens commenting on Mop and Sina, two popular Chinese forums. Other comments included “Go, James! I never knew you had it in you” (“zerogame”) and “Cute… his cock looks like a small, fleshy cork” (“Xinhua4ever”).

But not all reactions were supportive. Many fans felt betrayed, having taken Chau’s clean-cut image to heart. “I had taken down my James Chau doll from the firing place [sic]!” stormed “d67shu” while “ren6ren” complained “Too much… I never wanted to see more than his real head. Now brother has seen both heads! Fuck!”

Some also criticized comments Chau allegedly makes during the tape including “Screw condoms” and “You’ve seen one AIDS victim, you’ve seen them all, I’m telling you. Seriously, move on with your life, people. Chau coming through!”

Chau is the first Chinese mainlander to be appointed a National UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador for China. A UN representative last night said she was unaware of the tape and could not comment further.

According to one former Cambridge classmate, Matilda Wu, Chau had a well-established reputation as a ladies’ man and amateur swordsman while at the university.

“He was known as ‘Hung Kok’. James was a total player,” Wu told China Daily Show, adding that Chau had also gamely agreed to appear as Mr September in the 1996 Cambridge Student Body Calendar. Representatives of Chau were unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.

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    • Murraymints

      Fucking three women at the same time is gross? What are you, James Chau?

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