Japanese man finds Chinese woman living on his island


South China Seas Correspondent

The islands are an increasingly popular holiday destination for rabidly nationalist tour groups

DIAOYU ISLANDS (China Daily Show) – A Japanese man puzzled by recent unexplained activity on his island chain was surprised to discover a Chinese woman living there without his permission, police said yesterday.

The woman was found in her pajamas on a beachhead of the Senkaku Islands – known as the Diaoyu in China – four of which are owned by a Japanese private citizen.

“She was clearly kitted out for an extended stay: she had several Chinese flags, a compass, an 1892 maritime map, blankets, everything,” said a spokesman.

Police said they also found 12 empty packets of instant noodles nearby, indicating the woman had been there several hours already.

“We think she moved in this morning,” the spokesman said. “She told us she intended to reclaim the land for her motherland, then get some sleep.”

The woman – identified as 27-year-old student He Ting – was discovered living on the northernmost point of the island, sheltering under a rock shelf five metres from the southernmost point.

“The woman told us that she could not afford an apartment in Beijing, and that living on an uninhabited rock in the middle of the ocean was much the same as living outside the Fifth Ring Road,” said Yashimoto Kawashira of the Japanese Coast Guard.

“She was logging onto Facebook when we found her.”

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