Lonely Bo Xilai wonders why no one’s spoken to him for a few days


Politics Correspondent

Bo says he hasn't felt this lonely since his days as a Communist Party official

BEIJING (China Daily Show) – A puzzled Bo Xilai wondered this morning why his daily beating has been neglected for the last few days.

Bo has been in shuanggui  – a special form of administrative detention, normally used to punish and interrogate corrupt officials in China – since late March, when he was removed from his Politburo post, amid allegations of corruption and murder.

But Bo says the last few days’ incarceration have been unusually boring, with his torturers appearing distracted and the sound of running feet, raised voices and slammed doors indicating that something more important is going on elsewhere.

Bo has reportedly been left alone in his cell all week, with nothing but a copy of that day’s Beijing Daily – which experts say could be a deliberate form of  psychological torture.

“He’s been banging on his cell door the whole time, demanding to know what’s up,” said one guard. “I think he misses the attention. He also wants to k now who the hell ‘Chen Guangcheng’ is.”

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