Lunch successful: North Korea


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Kim downed his brandy with a signature salute

PYONGYANG (China Daily Show) – Lunch went off without a hitch, state media reported yesterday, amid growing hunger on the Korean peninsula.

Over international protests, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un successfully polished off a pan-Asian banquet of kimchi burgers, watched by an ecstatic crowd of 40 bodyguards and wait staff.

Scenes from the politically charged Pyongyang luncheon were televised across the country, further demonstrating the rogue state’s defiance in the face of fresh UN sanctions against famine-struck country.

The mouth-watering meal triggered fresh anger in the international community, with human-rights activists pointing to poverty among country’s rural population. Analysts say that the footage showed Kim demonstrated complete charge of a cheese platter, and could handle his desserts.

As images of the portly leader holding a soju-based apertif were shared across the world, China’s Foreign Ministry dispatched a congratulatory telegram to its steadfast ally, noting that “Our country’s belly shares your sense of contentment and filling. We knew you could do this.”

Celebrations in North Korea will continue tonight, with state television broadcasting footage of the clean-up operation from the Kim family kitchen, as US President Donald Trump vowed to retaliate on Twitter by ordering McDonald’s.

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