Man regrets eating entire box of moon cakes


The mouthwatering tradition of moon cakes dates back to the Tang Dynasty Patisserie Wars

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HEFEI (China Daily Show) — An Anhui man has spoken of his remorse at consuming an unspecified number of moon cakes, following a recent party to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Paterfamilias Wang Ziqi began starving himself 24 hours in advance of an  all-you-can-eat buffet organized by his village’s Party Secretary. Wang is said to have held a grudge after running out of duck blood at a 2007 banquet and told family members he “intended to get his money’s worth this time.”

But after paying five kuai to get in, Wang discovered the offer only applied to the cakes.

Undeterred, Wang tucked in heartily but began showing signs of distress midway through a 24-bun confit of minced lotus, wolfberry and donkey meat. After fainting twice, Wang finished the box but insisted on an after-dinner soufflé. He was tearfully admitted to the gastro-entomologist ward shortly afterward.

Moon cakes are a traditional Chinese delicacy, although they are normally considered a symbolic form of currency and rarely eaten. Luxury versions contain fillings such as Tabasco sauce, lead, mercury, gold and used razors.

The previous record for moon cake consumption was held by China’s Got Talent entrant Zhang Liu who, owing to a continuity error, was forced to visibly enjoy a smorgasbord of egg-and-pineapple cakes before passing into a coma in 2005.

Liu had survived a Japanese invasion, two famines, the Cultural Revolution and numerous car accidents before meeting his match with a box of the baked goods.

Wang himself remains confused but undaunted from his hospital bed, however. “What month is it?” he asked reporters. “June? Bring on the glutinous rice cakes.”

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