Occupy Great Wall movement more successful than anyone could possibly have imagined


Crowds Correspondent

Organizer Wu is glad he didn’t made any plans to have a good time this week

BEIJING (China Daily Show) – Billions of Chinese gathered during this week’s National Holiday at scenic spots around the country,  in what some have called the biggest mass protest movement of all time.

“We put out the call that if you were a Chinese person who is sick of all the bullshit, get in your cars, get on your bikes, go to the freeways, visit the most famous venues in China and just make your presence felt,” said Occupy Great Wall organizer Wu Daoyang. “The response was immediate and jaw-dropping.”

In Beijing alone, hundreds of thousands of Chinese who refused to be treated like compliant stooges any longer by a faceless state descended on venues such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China and simply did nothing.

Many chose to wear what has now become the trademark uniform of these peaceable protestors: white tennis shoes, fake Polo shirt – usually tucked in shorts – and a vast Japanese camera hidden within an even-larger camera bag, typically carried on the shoulder or  waist.

“It’s lucky no tourist was stupid enough to even consider visiting one of these massively famous sites during the busiest protest week of the year,” chuckled Xu Ming, a 35-year-old homeowner who explained that he was mad as hell and refused to take any more crap.

“That would have been the dumbest possible thing to do for anyone seeking a scintilla of pleasure or relaxation from their stressful lives,” Xu added, looking around at the jostling morass of concerned citizens surrounding him. “Especially when we’re all out here, making a difference.”

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  • Chinese Netizen

    People Power!! Yesssss!!!!

  • thoreaupoe

    this is seriously the best one by far. not to take away from the others, but this is fucking brilliant for anyone that’s travelled during the holidays here.

  • Russell Buchanan

    What a great publicity stunt by the Tourism bosses, imagine how much money they raked in.

    • Peter Bottomley

      Good lord, you are aware this is a spoof website?