Official Report: The weather in Beijing is very gray but that is how we like it


Official Report

Communications Correspondent

BEIJING (Ministry of Truthfulness) – A long time ago, in a country far away, in China, there lived a great poet called Qu Yuan, who made the Spring and Autumn Period (770-481 BC) most pleasant with his lyrical verses, until the time came for him to kill himself. He jumped in a river. This was his choice that he made after losing his political power, or some say he killed himself also.

Qu thought that imperial assassins would arrange for his timely suicide by drowning him in a river. This he wrote himself in a poem before he died, but after he was already in exile from the Emperor in Peking. But some people say that this poem was actually a fake suicide note, written by political enemies at the time.

Whereas fear of knowing the truth may prevent us from seeing the proper conclusions for the correct development of China, which must happen in the right way. Actually, it is clear from “the evidence” in some Western media reports what the foreign elements would wish to see happen. The dangers of so-called political reform are now obvious, the Chinese people have decided.

For those who do not grasp obvious truths, we must add: a former policeman in a city with a warm, Southern climate is the “poet.” The river is also known as a  “safe house” in a  “beautiful country.” The phony found in his suicide “poem” is passed on by certain small internal elements, hostile to this country, in a “microblogging” format. The Chinese people will not be easily fooled.

Relevant departments have determined the truthful results. Last week, there was the time for reflecting. Now we must immediately concern ourselves with the “moving on.” An investigation is conducted to determine the good of the Party, the country and finally the people, which is in control of this very serious incident, so that certain parties must endure direct, full and final responsibility. It is very clear now.

The city of Chongqing was feeling different. Let us hope it gets better soon.

Reprinted with kind permission from the Ministry of Truthfulness

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