Opinion: ‘We strongly condemn fake news’


The following is a statement issued by China Daily Show CEO and 51 Percent Stakeholder Uski Vladivovstok-Smythe


The @PDChina has even been using this really cool logo without even permission

The @PDChina account has even been using this cool logo without permission

It has recently come to my attention that an account on ‘Twitter,’ a Weibo-like microblogging service mostly used by foreign friends to share pictures of cats, has instead been posting false information and news about the sovereign territory of China.

As responsible purveyors of information and current affairs in the greater South China Seas region, we strongly condemn such irresponsible behavior.

Therefore, we urge the fake Twitter account @PDChina to cease and desist from rumor-mongering immediately.

We wish to reassure our readers, journalists and visa officials that the editora and reporters at China Daily Show strictly abides by all relevant Chinese media laws, regulations, whims, fancies, affectations, bagatelles and boondoggles.

For further enquiries, please dial ‘0.’

Uski Vladivovstok-Smith

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