PRISM analyst accidentally hits ‘reply all’

CIA headquarters in Virginia, also known as the ‘Cloud’

CIA headquarters in Virginia, also known as the ‘Cloud’

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LANGLEY (China Daily Show) – A low-level NSA analyst has accidentally forwarded a top suspect’s email to the rest of the world, records reveal.

The message, which read ‘Hey chief, I think you need to have a look at this,’ was mass-received by 2.4 billion puzzled email-users today, after a low-level NSA analyst accidentally hit ‘reply all’ instead of ‘forward’ on his PRISM software.

The embarrassing error was in response to a 16-strong email thread between Wichita housewife Gill Ferguson, 39, and husband Alex, 43, regarding the merits of inviting mutual neighbor and fond acquaintance Tony Wong, 35, to the family’s upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations in November.

“Will he need a special diet?” Ferguson, considered a potential threat, had wondered on June 5, to which her partner of four years immediately replied: “NP. Tonys Cantonese, they eat everything in China lol.” [sic]

The words were immediately yellow-flagged and forwarded to NSA line manager David Morgan, 38 – along with the rest of the online world – just minutes later.

At the time of going to press, a CIA operative was mistakenly re-tweeting the words ‘Chilling with mom #lazyweekends’ to all 456 of @sally_prom78’s Twitter followers.

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