Shenyang making Beijing look good


Pollution Correspondent


The city of Shenyang: somewhere in this picture

BEIJING – (China Daily Show) Residents of one of the most polluted cities in the world have expressed a mixture of shock and superiority, after thick smog blanketed the city of Shenyang this week.

“That is crazy,” tutted Beijing businessman Shi Feng, 45, scrolling through photographs of the grim conditions in the northeast city. “I can’t believe they put up with such conditions.”

Toxic particulate readings in Shenyang exceeded 1,400 mg per cubic meter in November, 50 times higher than the WHO considers “safe.” Authorities have escaped censure by staying inside government buildings – which are indistinguishable from the thick haze – and blaming the air quality on a rash of winter barbecues, outdoor smokers and farmers.

Meanwhile, residents of Beijing were jubilant that their city’s air looked capable of sustaining life, compared to Shenyang’s perilous environment.

“Here in Beijing, it’s a cool 300 AQI – only 12 times the healthy level,” marveled Shi. “It’s a great time to be barely alive.”

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