Snowden has Chinese girlfriend already


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Snowden: considered “highly handsome” especially by HK standards

Snowden: considered “highly handsome” especially by HK standards

HONG KONG (China Daily Show) – A US contractor who leaked details of classified US spy programs to the media has surprised even hardened Asia analysts, after acquiring a local girlfriend within weeks of arriving in Hong Kong.

Edward Snowden, 30, sparked an international furore when he outed himself as the anonymous mole behind the leaks about PRISM, an invasive NSA surveillance program.

The beleaguered former US spy was reportedly wearing four days’ stubble, a Mira hotel robe and a “worried expression” when he first met 24-year-old Lucy Kwok while collecting ice in his hotel corridor earlier this week.

But Cantonese-speaking Kwok and the exiled contractor quickly hit it off, sources say.

Nevertheless, PRISM analysts confidently predict that Snowden will likely end the relationship this weekend, citing “cultural differences,” leaving Kwok to embark on a one-month stalking campaign, before finally giving up and targeting the guy in Room 408.

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